Inventory: Whatcha got/whatcha need

A year ago I was taking inventory of someone else’s bike shop, and now I’m taking inventory of my own shop. That said, I’m not sure inventory every really gets more fun from one year to the next, no matter who owns the goods. Ten 26″ tubes and nine 27″ tubes, ten used brake sets and 5 used crank sets- it’s not exactly the pinnacle of weekend entertainment. Yet it must be done!

But after the drudgery comes a reward: a parts and tools order! Who wouldn’t love opening boxes of new tires and grips, fresh grease and  bearings, and (wait for it…) brand new Park Tools. On the list for this year, all coming in Park’s beautiful blue, are a new hex wrench set, an adjustable torque wrench, and a pedal tap set.

I can’t help it, I’m pretty excited.




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