FULL TUNE UP    After a Full Tune Up your bike will leave Monk River in near-original riding condition. We will adjust the gears, brakes, bearings, and alignment; as well as true the wheels and clean the bike.

FIX AS NEEDED    Whether it’s a flat tire or broken chain, brake adjustment or bent handlebars, we can fix your bike’s problem.

PICK UP AND DELIVERY    We realize our location may be out of the way for some. For customers in the Macomb area, we will pick up your bike needing repair and drop it off when it’s completed.

CUSTOMIZED USED BIKES    Come to us to find the best used bikes around. All bikes have been tuned up and are in prime riding condition.

NEW BIKE ASSEMBLY    Before you purchase a bike online, consult with us on the best brands and styles out there. When the bike arrives we’ll assemble the bike and fit it to you.

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