McDonough’s Best Bikepath

A few weeks ago a group of us snuck past the road-closed signs to take a ride on the 336 Macomb Bypass.  The road was smooth, the wind at our back, and the traffic nonexistent.   We didn’t end up riding the whole thing, but those who wish to could make it into a 8 mile one way or 16 mile round trip ride.

While the roads in this county are great for biking, the cars that rule the roads are not always bike-friendly. That’s why it was so nice to ride the closed section of the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway: for that hour we could enjoy the landscape of McDonough County without worrying about people honking at us, throwing water bottles, or passing too close.

Imagine if we had bike paths connecting Spring Lake and Argyle State Park, Macomb, Colchester, and Good Hope! A bike path of any scale would be a boon to the bicycle culture of this area and to the local stores and restaurants the cyclists would patronize.

No matter your hopes and dreams for bikes in McDonough County, I heartily recommend taking a ride on the CKC Macomb Bypass while you still can (and when the road crew isn’t working, of course).


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