Lost Bridge Trail


Road on The Lost Bridge Trail from Springfield to Rochester and back this weekend. Just a nice ride of 17 miles or so, with some beer and pizza in the middle.

We need trails like this in McDonough County, and we certainly have the space for them. Bike trails encourage people to be active: physically, socially, economically, and ecologically. There aren’t too many places around here where people can patronize small local businesses with their friends while at the same time exercising and appreciating the outdoors.


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2 thoughts on “Lost Bridge Trail

  1. In 2004, the McDonough County Trails and Greenways comprehensive plan was completed. It is necessary to have this plan before the county can apply for any state money for trails. We were hoping to railbank the train track through Good Hope, but Keokuk Junction ended up buying the track. I was on the committee and own a copy of the plan. Even one mile of trail can increase tourism. Jamie


    1. Spot on Jamie. I’d love to see something like your 2004 proposal come up again soon. We need it!


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